Traditional energy sources are extremely harmful for the environment. To produce energy from non-renewable sources like coal and petroleum, we need to burn them. The combustion of these fuels produce harmful fumes. Not only are these fumes bad for the people who deal with them, they pose threats for the well-being of the planet too. Not only are non-renewable sources of energy bad for the planet, there are other problems in the picture as well. The traditional energy sources are hardly cheap. Thus, switching to another energy source is advisable.

Here comes in the usage of solar power for our daily needs. Solar power is renewable and available in abundance. Besides, it was found that solar power appliances can reduce our electricity bill considerably. Therefore, such usage can help in two major ways:

  1. a) Reduce the production of greenhouse gases.
  2. b) Help cut down our electricity bills.

Some appliances which can utilize solar energy successfully are:


A solar cooker is a device which collects sunlight and converts light energy to heat energy. This heat is used to cook food. On a sunny day, solar cookers can ideally achieve temperatures ranging from 65 degrees to 400 degrees centigrade. Pans used to cook the food are usually matte black so that they can absorb the maximum amount of sunlight possible. Solar cookers can cook most dishes which can be cooked conventionally, but without all the extra harm and costs.


A solar water heater can achieve all that an ordinary water heater can. However, the mechanisms of the two water heaters are very different. A solar water heater uses photovoltaic panels to capture and convert solar energy to heat energy. This heat is used to heat up water for various household purposes. The water is pumped to our kitchens and bathrooms through an insulated water tank.


Solar calculators are pretty much like ordinary calculators, they just use solar cells for powering up. They usually have liquid crystalline displays (LCD) as they are more power efficient and can run on very low voltages. Compared to ordinary calculators, they are cheaper and way more efficient.


A solar charger is a device which uses the energy of the sun to power up other devices and charge batteries. They can charge batteries or banks of up to 4000 Ah capacity. They are usually provided with voltage regulators. Solar backpacks, solar cell phone chargers and the Strawberry Tree (the first public solar charger for mobile devices) are among the most popular solar chargers.


Compared to traditional solar panels which can heat up a home but not power up appliances as efficiently, photovoltaic cells can power up appliances, too. They can collect solar energy and produce enough electricity to power up nearly all the appliances in an average household. These panels are installed on rooftops. The solar energy is later converted for use.

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