After we realized that the planet would face some major trouble if we continued to deplete our resources at the current alarming rate, we decided to come up with solutions. Even for a smart race like us, the solution needed years of research. Ultimately, we decided to do away with the way we were looking at the power sector. It did not take us very long to realize that a change in our energy sources can help us in a big way. This gave rise to the popularity of solar energy. Unlike non-renewable energy sources, the power of the Sun will probably never be depleted. Solar energy is available in abundance, too.

Thus, soon, we began using solar energy in the biggest facilities. The bigger the facility, the more attention it would grab. For the planet to be treated a little better in the years to come, the earlier we grab the attention of the common public, the better. One of the best ways to do that was to install solar panels in sports arenas and stadiums. Since sports arenas see a huge turnout and use up a lot of energy, they were indeed a great way to start being healthy. Here are the sports arenas which are the most eco-friendly:

1) Pocono Raceway (United States)

The automobile racing arena has 39, 960 solar panels installed. They can produce 15 MW worth of power. This will increase to 72 MW in the next 20 years and will offset more than 3,104 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

2) Indianapolis Motor Speedway (United States)

The automobile racing facility in Indiana is planted with 39, 312 solar panels which can produce 9 MW power. This power is equivalent to offsetting 10,288 tonnes of carbon dioxide yearly. Indianapolis Motor Speedway is also the largest sporting arena in terms of capacity (257, 325). We can safely say that it influences a large portion of the public to go solar.

3) TT Circuit, Assen (Netherlands)

The automobile racing facility in the Netherlands has 21,000 solar panels installed. They can produce 5.6 MW worth of power which can cover the annual energy needs of nearly 1500 families. The solar panels also serve as a rain and sun shade for the 8 hectare visitors’ parking space.

4) Lincoln Financial Field (United States)

The American football stadium is planted with 11,000 solar panels. In fact, this facility is a solar and windmill combination. The system generates 3MW worth of power. In the next 20 years, it will have saved more than $60 million dollars.

5)Estadio Mane Garrincha (Brazil)

Located in the capital city of Brasilia, the football stadium and multipurpose arena is fitted with 9600 solar panels. It can produce 2.5 MW worth of power. With a capacity of 72,788 people, this stadium is the third largest in South America. For a football-crazy nation like Brazil, the pledge to go solar will surely influence many others to adopt a healthier plan.

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